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Firstly, I’m sorry you’re feeling this way and you’re not alone. I’ve felt like this many times. One thing I’ve been doing in the last year is not calling it ADHD. People assume that means I am just hyper and also on “legal meth” which is just wrong. Instead, if I feel the need to explain my symptoms I simply say “I have a neurological disorder and it makes it difficult for me to remember things/think clearly in distracting situations/regulate my emotions/whatever the symptom I’m struggling with is. Once I have explained that some ppl will pry more and I will tell then I have adhd. That seems to ALWAYS lead to more curious questions on their end. They are always surprised at how ADHD affects me in so many ways and it becomes an empowering moment for me.

That’s my personal choice and everyone needs to decide for themselves if disclosing is appropriate but for me, it always makes me feel better. If someone chooses not to understand, especially if I call it a neurological disorder, then I assume they are uncompassionate twats.