Reply To: I don’t fit in and I’m sick of blaming myself


Hi! I completely understand that. During my four years in highschool I wasn’t able to make any friends. I had friends outside od school but that doesn’t help when you can’t connect and fit in with your peers.

I tried same things. Being funny, quirky, trying to relate on any level but nothing really helps. I was somewhat able to talk to couple of kids and some of them liked me I think but it never went pass the initial stage.

People thought I was challenged (which in retrospect I somewhat was) I had big problems with teachers, principal and the whole school department. Was ona brink of expelsion couple of times. I was never problematic but because I had a strained relationship with everyone at school I didn’t attend that often and when I was there I wasn’t really there.

I developed substance abuse that led to even worse time.

The only thing I can say is that it’s not something you will have to endure for long. College on the other hand is a much better place. People around you have similar interests and the curriculum is far better.

I was in trading high school that was awful by itself. I hated it and everything about it. Teachers write you of from the start, nothing challenges you. I spent more time at a highschool all my friends attended even though it was on the other side of our city.

Loneliness is something i remember greatly about that period and I still stuggle with it looking back. A whole part of my life was ruined because of it. I guess it had it’s up sides but I don’t really see them that much.

The only thing that I think can help byt I don’t know your school system is to try and switch schools.

We had an art highschool and I think my biggest mistake is not trying to enroll there.

I wish you best of luck.