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I can relate. The whole inferiority feeling makes it difficult to engage someone. It took me a year od friendship to make a next step with my current girlfriend and before that I was never able to make the first move. Even when it’s abuntantly clear I often resorted to back out of the relationships. Now it came to a moment that after two years of relationship I realized that our biggest issues are related to what I see as an ADD symptoms. She can’t stand the fact that I often can’t communicate well, that I can’t follow simple instructions. That I don’t follow up on certain cues. That I forget a lot of things in our daily lives. That if someone talks to me and they don’t look directly at me I can’t notice that they are talking to me. A lot of these things come of as lazy, selfish, egocentric but I honestly can’t make these things work. The place where I live medical proffesionals write of that sort of behavioir as being lazy and spoiled. I can’t convince even a psychologist to take me seriously. I was written off by teachers as uninterested yet I was giving really big results when it came to my personal interests. Now i see it as a hyperconcentration periods.

I don’t know where you live but perhaps try finding a support group. Rarely few people can emphatize with this disorder by what I learned.