Reply To: lonely College Life


That’s a great story, Ella. I am very happy for you. Just remember how things improved for you in this scenario for future scenarios. I would even suggest journaling so you can refer back to it later. My story is very different, I have always found it easy to connect with people and I have always felt liked by all. Until 40, I am still trying to figure out what happened. I am always worried that I said something wrong and everyone is going to hate me for it. I feel I have to be perfect. I am overly sensitive and moody. I am in a Ph.D. program and I struggle to focus long enough to complete assignments. Most times the hardest part is getting engaged. But other times I sit for 10-12 hours trying to get it done and accomplish nothing. It is so frustrating. I failed two classes and was able to get accommodations. It seems like my professors give me more grief now that I do. I was never diagnosed with ADHD as an adolescent I was just recently introduced to the idea. I am hoping to get things together soon so I resume taking over the world lol.