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I’m looking for help. Our son is currently attending appointments with various Dr/nurses to diagnose him with whatever it maybe. His behaviour when being faced with authority has got to a point me and mum are seriously struggling how to handle it and me personally as shameful as it is have lost my patience and I know I shouldn’t. When things is great it’s the best he’s the most loving little boy and the most careing and effectionate.

What’s escalated his mental health as in school when kids aren’t playing his game or shuddering him from their own activities he becomes very upset (he struggles to understand consequences and not knowing his boundaries). Yesterday mum gets a call from school saying he wants to kill himself as he can’t take people yelling at him. He’s so happy most days but he has no gage it’s 0 to 10 within seconds.

We’re waiting to contact Dr when the surgery is open but what I’m looking for on these forums is other parents who maybe in the similar situation for a longer period of time and might have some advice/guidance or just a chat.