Reply To: Music


Hi! I get that somewhat. I had a different problem when I was a kid. I mumble a lot so I was asked to be mute when I was part of the choir (It was a class chorus so I couldn’t abstain and we were on some competition). When I was in music class in elementary school I had a D (2 in our grading system) when we were learning scales and rhythm. For some reason I was awful at it at the time. My mother even tried enrolling me in a music school but I rejected it completely. Few years later I picked up a bass guitar all by myself and I started playing punk. Every instrument I learned by ear and I never had a class. I just can’t follow that kind of method. Overtime I learned scales, rhythms, bass later guitar which I play really weird. I play lefthanded but on a right handed guitar. I simply pick up things really weird. Later on I even learned the drums and keys to some extent. I still mumble and I can’t really remember lyrics that well. I play songs that I made mostly so that helps.

I think the whole system is usually bad when it comes to teaching kids. A lot of people I know were forced into it and now hate playing. They finish the music school and later resent it.

Learning text is not easy and pushing someone to do it can be counterproductive. If someone has a great voice or a talent these kind of stuff can push person away because they don’t seem to handle the task.

Where are you from? Your name makes me think you might be from Croatia.