Reply To: CBD


I recently tried it for a different reason but found amazing benefits to my inattentive ADD. I had a very unexpected stroke 9 months ago – I’m 43. I tried the CBD for unresolved pain and it helped within hours!! I had tears of joy. But by day 2 or 3 I noticed how calm my mind was for like the first time ever. I think my ADD is anxiety driven primarily and by helping my anxiety it calmed my mind. Again – tears of joy. Not kidding. All the other medications I had taken for ADD, the benefits were offset by the side effects. I’m very sensitive to medicine so if there’s a side effect listed then I’m the one who feels it. Anyway, it helped in other areas as well but I just want to let you know it needs to be high quality. Mine is 100% organic, tested by 3rd party, 94% absorbtion rate, lasts 8-12 hours as tested by Mayo Clinic. I’m not a salesperson but I am getting into this business soon because it was a gamechanger for me. Literally. I got my life back.