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Dr. Eric

Not a medical doctor, so please discuss your concerns with him/her.

Personally, I only took/take my meds when I need to get stuff done.

(I also have an awesome wife who puts up with the unmedicated me better than a new girlfriend would.)

I work in a school, so I am able to keep the same cycle as I did when I was a student.

I took complete time off over Christmas break. I only medicate on weekends when I was studying. Currently, I will take one dose over the weekend to cover the time that I need to be productive… bills, chores, etc.

The two college summers that I worked as an EMT doing 911, my doc have me a half dosage.
For starters, the adrenaline rush when it was life-or-death was a natural medication.
I needed enough to make sure that I did not make mistakes, but being too laser-focused was actually a detriment to the job as it impacted my situational awareness. For example, being “distracted” by the behavior of a pedestrian or motorist gave me a heads up that they may cause an accident when I was driving Code 3… or the distraction of a shiny object alerted me that the 5150 patient had a knife nearby.

I am one of those people that has had to keep my prescription for over 25 years, and I will likely do so until I retire.

The time off is the most effective defense that I have had against developing a higher and higher tolerance.
I used to take a really low dose. Now, it is pretty high, and I don’t want it to go higher.