Reply To: lonely College Life


That’s really nice. College is a great place for people who are different I think.

I had the loneliness problem in highschool and in college they called me “Al the psycho” (Aca psiho but this is the english equivalent) and honestly it didn’t really bother me. I knew I had the stare that can freak people out but that was just me zoning out. One girl in high school even told me they thought I was mentally challenged when I came to class for the first time.

Being active really helps out just as you yourself saw. I met few of my closest friends in college and the people who saw me as a freak kinda got used to me in a way. I honestly don’t resent these people for thinking that way and I see their point of view. Over time when I started talking to people more they understood me more.

Like I said before, my big luck was that I enrolled in a college with a friend that really understands me and she’s far more socially active and approachable than me. I just have the look that always seems angry and distant even though as a person I am far from it.

Honestly I don’t know if this relates to anyone but my biggest problem was that my outside appearance doesn’t really match how I am. I seem angry all the time I have the face that leaves the impression that I’m always serious or to another extend that I’m always high. I am far from that.