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Spaceboy 99

Hey Ranma 🙂

I can’t find anything anywhere about the craving of fluffy things in regards to ADHD, but I DO know that it’s often recommended for people experiencing large amounts of stress and anxiety to have/hold/stroke, or otherwise manipulate fuzzy, fluffy things. That’s one of the reasons that emotional support animals are a thing. In addition to the unconditional love that comes from such an animal, the act of stroking and petting an animal actively calms you.

I’d argue that your brain is reacting to the fact that you are under stress, and is trying to get you to do something to calm you down. As a rule, unless your cravings are harmful, it’s generally a good idea to obey them- your body craves the things that, for whatever reason, it needs. For reasons that were unknown to me for years, whenever I received injuries that were more severe than the every day variety, I had an unbelievable craving for ice cream. I learned a few years ago that it was less the ice cream itself that I was craving, and more the sugar, because it helps you stave off shock. It’s also the same when you get the urge to leave whatever situation is causing you the stress- you don’t really know why you want to leave, you just know you HAVE to get out.

If by ‘sensory integration issues’ you mean ‘Sensory Overload’, hypersensitivity, and similar things, then my (uneducated) guess would be that it’s actually unrelated to this. From my experience, sensory overload is an aversion-based issue, rather than a desire-based one. You will naturally gravitate towards the things that are not problematic for you, but I’ve never heard of hypersensitive symptoms driving you directly towards a favourable outcome. That tends to be more of an ADHD thing 😉

To help with the issue (I seem to remember you saying you’re based in India (I might be wrong), so this may be a bit harder for you), but if you can find a store that makes clothes-making supplies, specifically knitting supplies, you might be able to find a hat ‘bobble’, the fluffy thing on top of a knitted hat. These come in many varieties, but a lot of them are very fluffy, and very cheap, at least in the areas I come from. Alternatively, you could maybe order one (or ten) online. You can keep one in your pocket to use when you feel a little overwhelmed.

Hope this helps! 🙂