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My hatred of phone conversations has only worsened in my adulthood. This hatred was based on fear. Fear of missing the conversation, not hearing important details, not being able to respond because I’m too busy thinking of how to respond, forgetting what we were talking about… All of these things lead to feelings of embarrassment, shame, inadequacy, failure…or, at best, (even if you do keep it all together,) pure mental exhaustion.

I’ve known I had ADD since I was a teenager, but only started medication a couple of years ago. One way that I first knew the medication was working was that I could successfully participate in phone conversations. This has been a life-changing development. At work now, if I need information from a co-worker, I can just pick up the phone and ask. I used to procrastinate phone calls and prepare a list of notes so I wouldn’t forget what to say. It’s so much easier now! I also started calling friends and family that I had not spoken to in years. It has been so great.

But man do I understand the fear and loathing of the phone conversations.