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Spaceboy 99

Hey there!

I don’t have any specific book recommendations for you, I’m afraid, but to be honest, I’d recommend articles and videos over books anyhow. It’s not that I have anything against reading, quite the opposite, it’s more that by looking for articles and videos on tips to manage inattentive ADHD, you’re more likely to find (free) solutions that you can specifically tailor to yourself, rather than the one-size-fits all approach you’d tend to get with a book.

What, specifically, are you looking to organise? Your schedule, your home, your work life, work-life balance? Depending on what you want to organise, the advice is different.

Are you taking ADHD medications? If not, I’d suggest seeing your doctor or the specialist who diagnosed you to look into ADHD medications. While you can MANAGE ADHD with rigorous coping strategies and techniques, you’re really only compensating for the real issue (the insufficient dopamine levels in your brain). Fixing the brain-chemical imbalance with medications makes employing your coping strategies a lot easier, too.

If you’re dead set on using a book (if you wait long enough, ADHDMomma will swing by with some great ADDitude articles, I guarantee it), I know that there are some in the ADDitude store, but I don’t know how good they are.

If I remember correctly, ADHD Stole My Car Keys is a great book, but I don’t remember how much detail, if any, they go into re: strategies.

And finally, HowToADHD on YouTube is a great channel full of strategies you can use, and they’re presented in a fun, methodical way, so they’re really easy to absorb.