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It is similar to vigorous cardio, but it last longer. It depends on how the type of med you try affects you though and release type. For example , focalin xr gave me a “pop” in my brain, with more euphoria , but been on addxerral xr for a year , along with it with my first r dose , I require high-dose stimulant therapy, and that med does not at all give me a euphoria pop, just calm, cool focus. As a teenager I was off meds and I literally had to exercise 4 times a day or during school three times a day, with my last session being a 6 hour gymnastics practice with an. Crazy Russian coach lol. But if I didn’t run 8 miles before school, I didn’t go. I was a straight A student , who had zero homework bc I did it all in my boring classes lol and I paid more attention ironically , adhder thing I guess. But adderral does not tie me a mind-change , I guess it just mimics the chemicals well. But yes lasts longer , so now I only have to run once a day for my legs not to be eaten alive by the bugs in my legs, and those bugs’ legs don’t get eaten alone by the bugs in their legs hahah aka bad hyperactivity , along with the other stuff. They actually call my hyperactivity akathasia. But actually exercise before my end dose helps the meds work better too ! And I require 8-9 hours sleep ! That’s how the meds most effective .

I wish more people knew the power of vigorous exercise with focus ! Studies show that it does release similar chemicals as the ADHD meds ! Just less effect 🙂