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I was trying to get diagnosed about 6 months ago here in the U.S. ( I’m not sure how it works in the UK), and I started googling places to get tested and psychiatrists that were in-network for my family’s insurance. After calling 5 different testing facilities I learned that most places had a 6-month waiting list and the test was 250 dollars and a full two-day process. I’m a fulltime college student, whose parents aren’t super into medicating mental health issues, and who don’t believe that I really have ADHD, so 250 bucks was not an option even if I could find the time. The psychiatrists that were in-network which there was only two close had the same 250 dollar fee. I finally decided to just go and see a General practitioner and see what they could do. I found a great nurse practitioner who took in all the information I gave her and then gave me a 15 min self-assessment test, which confirmed her opinion that I have mild ADHD. It was so much cheaper, and way less of a hassle to start trying medication to help. I actually made a 3.9 GPA last semester with the hardest classes and schedule I have had yet! My anxiety and sleep have improved too! So, if you have the option of going to see a GP without it being too expensive I would recommend that route because not only do they give you a diagnosis but they help you find a treatment plan that works for you.

Also, as the comments said above, don’t be so hard on yourself! I have always been my hardest critic, and what I have learned since being diagnosed is that all I can do is my best and if I do that then I should be proud of myself no matter the outcome! Just think you are already better off then you were yesterday because now you have an idea of what could be affecting you and you have a plan in place to get yourself better! You are doing the best you can, and you are probably doing better than you think you are (since we are all usually tougher on ourselves then others). Just keep taking each day at a time, and try to be better each day now that you are aware of what you are doing! I know this website has some articles and blogs about ways to naturally treat ADHD. So, while you are waiting for you could always read up and try out some of the methods and techniques for coping with ADHD in order to help get your symptoms more under control. Hope this helps!

I also could use some advice if anyone else reading this has any good ideas, since I am still a newbie and don’t know much. I had been taking Vyvanse, but since the new year it isn’t covered anymore on my insurance until my family reaches the deductible (which has only happened like twice in my 21 years) so the cost of a 30 day supply, even with all the coupons I could find was 232 dollars. So, now I am trying the generic brand Adderall because it’s 48 dollars and the only thing I can afford. I’ve been having a really hard time on it because I don’t think it is really working as well and I have been getting headaches and nauseous. So, if anyone on here has any idea how I can get my insurance to cover a portion of the cost or maybe make one of the brand name drugs cheaper please let me know. It stinks because my family has insurance, and makes above the income cut off for any of the drug assistance programs so I am kind of screwed.