Reply To: Teen admittedly quit trying at school


You could have written this for us. 16 years old here, sophomore, always has been at or close to a 4.0 GPA. Has always aspired to study astrophysics and go to MIT. This year F across the board, no motivation, no longer wants to go to college. He feels school is boring and a waste of time, that college is going to be more boring school, to lead to a boring job. No help from anyone, I feel Sped is failing him. lots of behaviors… No one implements his IEP… I am worn out. In fact, I think the school has become an adversarial environment, a passive aggressive place where I am no longer sure I can believe what I hear from some of the adults there. I am seriously considering home schooling. It may turn out to be a huge mistake as he has zero motivation, but let’s face it he is not doing anything there either… has anyone been successful with homeschooling their unmotivated teens?
Thank you.