Reply To: Starting of ADHD treatment

Spaceboy 99

Not a problem, Griffin.

Since you’ve only been on the meds for about 4 days, it definitely wouldn’t be a good idea to hop so quickly. While I COMPLETELY understand the desire to get the solution right IMMEDIATELY, it may be better to wait at least two weeks, first so you can say to your doctor that you really did give it “the ol’ college try”, but that you’re feeling no effects, second to see if any effects DO emerge as your body gets used to it, and 3rd to build up a better case for trying to get better, and not just trying to get a specific drug. If you’re seen as too eager for certain treatments, doctors can get a bit wary of giving them to you.

Do you know if your doctor is Titrating you? By which I mean to say, are they going to gradually increase your dose over time, to find the optimal therapeutic dose? That’s common practise, and you may find that a drug that is ineffective at lower doses is HIGHLY effective at a higher dose. My dose is actually due to increase tomorrow. The effects (for me) have already been dramatic. I can’t wait to see what I’m like on more of the stuff 😛

I’m actually a little surprised that your doctor suggested a long-acting stimulant as your first medication. In Norway (where I live and got diagnosed), they start you on low doses of instant release, so that you know INSTANTLY if there’s an effect from the medications. It makes it easier to identify what solutions work for you. Once they know the right medication and dose, they switch you to extended release. Do you have a pre-existing condition that might make instant-release medications too strenuous for your body? If not, maybe discuss this option with your doctor at the end of the two weeks.

Best of luck!