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Nelson DG


I wanted to reply by saying that I think your situation is true in any relationship, ergo, romantic or friendship. I fight with my best friend all the time because I will text her and she forgets to text me back. She said she reads the text and intends to reply but “squirrl.” Something happens to draw her attention away and then it either takes time to get back to me or she forgets all together. I take it as “she just doesnt care” or “everything is more important than I am.” But I recently realized that is not the case.

So, my advice – give your boyfriend the benafit of the doubt. He is probably doing the best he can. I started writing ‘Snail Mail’ to my best friend. That way I am able to write down what’s on my mind and, subcontiously, I’m not expecting a quick reply. With this tactic I find I’m not disapointed like I am when I try to communicate with a text message that she forgets to reply to.

Hope this helps,