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Nelson DG

Good Morning and thank you so much for your reply. Everything you said here makes perfect sense.

To give you a little history – my best friend and I lived together fresh out of our parents house. After two years of argueing (and not knowing she was ADHD or I OCPD), I finally gave up and moved out. We had no contact for 30 years. We recently came back into touch two years ago (she persued me after her mom died) and decided we wanted to make an attempt tat frinedship agin. To add to the stress, she is also my neice (daughter of my older half sister). The first few months was great, but then we started argueing. In fact, this last arguement we all but decided to walk away from each other for a second time because the relationship was causing great stress for us both. But, over the last few days we have been talking again. In fact, yesterday I took time to travel a great distance to have lunch with her at her work. I apoligized and took the blame for the misunderstanidng as I always do, which is stress for me because I am not ever 100% of the cause of an arguement. But I am made to feel I am. What I have realized is that getting along with her is more important than me being right. However, I feel like I am on a roller coaster with our friendship. I’m trying patience and understanding, but it can be difficult.

I am very glad that this forum is available and I must say that you will problably be recieving several questions from me in the future. What can I say, I love her and want her in my life. I’m willing to learn and work toward keeping her friendship.

For those reading this thread, just remember that being ADHD doesnt mean you are not lovable. I love my bestie with my whole heart. It just means that you have a little more challenges than those who are not ADHD. Which is why I think you are all amazing.

Good luck and thank you for letting me be a part of this forum,