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Hi. Thanks for your response
All I know is that in My state and at least another I know of they won’t tell you anything by phone about that class of drug.
Not even if they have it in stock. Not even the date they expect to have it delivered if you are in the pharmacy and they say they are out

I saw pictures that lead me to one generic brand. Only to find it’s no longer shown on their website which may be why he can no longer get it

Yes I know pharmacies can special order but we would need to find out who makes it to do that though.
And TBH. In NJ they must get an extra course called how to be as ass to customers because they could give 2 craps around here
Sorry we don’t have it. That’s it is all you will get
If one if your rx wasn’t filled don’t expect an explanation when you pick the filled one up. It’s like an inquisition to get someone to tell you

It’s really awful

He needs to go to his dr and ask for a letter to get the name brand covered and his dr has to wake up and get out of the 1960s and fills the form