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I read your post and I felt bad for you due to the situation you found yourself in. I mainly wanted to reply to your post b/c of your worries about maintaining your reputation in regards to your job. I COMPLETELY understand your thinking, and you should always be smart in situations where you’re worried about your job (and frankly, I know your BF is not feeling well, but he should always understand your actions for wanting to maintain your living…so, put him in his place in that regard).

HOWEVER, you are causing yourself way too much anxiety for a situation that should not be too stressful. First off, if you want to ask around at different pharmacies for a certain generic brand, this is completely normal behavior for people with a prescription. Just do the following to find him the specific type he wants:

CALL around to all your city’s pharmacies; do not go there in person, and don’t bring around a picture of the pill either. Google the exact markings that are on the pills he likes, you should immediately be able to find out which MANUFACTURER makes it. I capitalized Manufacturer b/c this is the word you should always use when you’re calling the pharmacies. When calling, you NEVER have to say your name, and they will never really ask your name to begin with. The only question they may ask is if you’ve been a customer before (and your answer to that question has no effect on the way they help you out). I have an Adderall Rx, and every month I call tons of pharmacies to find a manufacturer that I’m okay with. I have probably made over 300+ of these calls, and I’ve never once had a pharmacist tell me that it was an odd request, and I’ve never been pressured to tell my name (and I never am asked my name, nor do I mention my name). This is exactly what you should say when you call: “Hi, I have my monthly prescription for Adderall 20mg, and I’m just wondering what manufacturer you are carrying at the moment?”. They always quickly tell me, and never act weird about it. Obviously, change the medication name and mg amount from my example to what you’re desiring.

If you call a good amount of places, you should be able to find the manufacturer that your BF likes. However, in the case that you do not, there is another extremely simple (and normal) request you can make to a pharmacy that has decent customer service. All pharmacies can order specific manufacturers whenever they want, and they do it A LOT. Whenever it is about a week before your refill date, just call a friendly pharmacy and say “Hi, I have a Rx for […], and I have adverse reactions to almost all manufacturers other than [BF’s favorite]. My doctor told me that pharmacies can order specific manufacturers, as long as you give them a few days heads-up. Is there any way that would be possible?”. And you can also add this if you feel it’s necessary: “I am more than happy to pay a couple dollars extra for them, as long as it is not a drastic increase, b/c being comfortable w/ my medication is worth a couple extra dollars to me. I know it might be silly, but every time I get other brands, I find myself questioning their effectiveness throughout the day.”

Sometimes pharmacies that are relatively Independent (i.e. NOT Walgreens, CVS,…etc.) are more quick to work with you on topics like this b/c they value customers’ experiences more, and they want to keep up a solid reputation/reviews. Places like CVS never have to worry about not having enough customer traffic, so they don’t worry about catering to the customers nearly as much. Also, people who work at CVS/Walgreens usually have bosses they have to run EVERYTHING by for so many different tasks (and their bosses have bosses to go through too…that’s the corporate structure). At family-owned or Independent pharmacies, the pharmacist working there either owns the place hiself, or he knows the owner very well; so he can quickly tell you yes or no (and he doesn’t have to run it by 4 different people).


Now, once you’ve found a place that has your BF’s favorite manufacturer in-stock, or have found a place to order them for you, then let you BF know. Then the only thing he has to do is show up with the Rx and get the pills. If he’s too lazy, you can drop off the Rx, but he will need to pick it up. (If you are married, and have the same last name, then you should be able to do all of it for him if you had to). All of the stuff I have told you to do should never put your job/living in any kind of jeopardy! And trust me, pharmacists do not consider it to be drug-seeking behavior whatsoever! Pharmacists have been required to be more suspicious in their jobs, and I have never once had a pharmacist act like the questions/requests that I mentioned were anything other than normal / completely relevant.

So stop worrying so much! I hope this has helped! And I am sorry for the super long post, I just wanted to specifically tell her exactly what to say and expect.