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Dr. Eric

My biggest issue with CAPD assessments (as well as most ADHD and other evaluations) is that they tend to be confirmation biased based.

Does this person have CAPD? (Or ADHD, Etc.)

They tend to be too narrowly focused.

For examples, I see CAPD evaluation done by audiologists who only do auditory tests.
The last one I looked at, auditory processing was actually a strength compared to other processing skills, but the audiologist just saw that it was below average and tried to diagnose. I was convinced that those scores were being lowered by a more severe problem elsewhere.

I would make sure that you ask for a comprehensive, differential evaluation.

Did you not process auditorally because you were not paying attention, or can we determine that even when attending to information auditory is far weaker than a similarly designed visual processing test where all the other variables are the same except for visual versus auditory? THAT is a conclusive result and allows you to prioritize or treatment and response.

Think of distractibility…
I am not asked to do many ADHD evaluations for a kids that do not look inattentive.
If I give rating scales that only look for outward signs of not paying attention, I will get a “likely ADHD” result.
I want to know why they look that way.
Has the medical doctor given them a clean bill of health? Great, I can likely rule out seizure disorder, sleep apnea, diabetes, thyroid, etc.
Only a comprehensive assessment allows me to establish that it is not anxiety, sensory processing, abuse, stress, depression, learning disability, etc. Or maybe it is a combination of more than one….