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Dr. Eric

For starters, let’s not mind-read.

For a gifted child with ADHD, there are a ton of reasons for not looking like you care.
– Genuine lack of engagement with what is going on, especially if it is not higher order.
– Inattention
– Giving up or avoidance due to frustration.
– Other problems, such as depression… nothing that we can resolve in a chatroom. Discuss with your professionals.

Also, ADD’ers have a hard time connecting long term goals to the things that they should be doing today.
Using long terms goals and dreams as a motivator is generally not going to work.

I am a fan of the resources for the gifted or twice exceptional at which stands for “social emotional needs of the gifted.” (I am not affiliated.)

For example, they used to have a “gifted versus ADHD” checklist.

They have revamped the website the last time that I used it.
It wasn’t very user-friendly.
In the old format, I found that Google site search worked better than navigating or browsing the site.