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Awesome !!

And yes I can relate with being super busy and such, after having my little girl plus work and other issues where I had to drive my boyfriend to work, and ya know pursuing all the thousands interests us adhd’ers have (lol) and not to mention my infant-like need for food and sleep, and centering myself in the AM, AND how clerical and organizing things take me forever (yet using differential calculus as a mathematician is a breeze lol). Ironic that a mathematician cannot do mental math , but A) I’m a walking paradox and B) the computer does the mental math and had the biggest short term memory ever—aka it has all I lack lol.

Anyway, bc of less time is why I love tabata! Super intense and 4-minute cycles, and actually read up some studies on it bc I do several four minute cycles , but only one is needed! Bc he’s a long trip to gym is so so hard!!

Another thing i started: my daughter is now 18 months and as hyper as I lol, but you need to watch her twenty four seven bc that girl can run and run fast!!! Add in cleaning (yuck) to my daily todos , and workouts so hard!! I had a genius idea, I’d workout as I cleaned! Jumping squats from place to place , high-knee sprits in place while I swept, burpees folding a blanket , and I will make a race out of it or a fun game too? Like how many bottles can I fit in the bottle-steamer this time lol. But she loves watching my workouts while I clean ! So three birds in one stone lol!!!!!!

And magnesium actually wakes me up in like a steady way, or at least doesn’t affect me ina. Tired way!! AND it helps heart rhythms and such!! So you could have a double-win!!!!!!! And helps reflux ! Triple win ! Ha ha