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that’s great to know about the acidity!!! That is definitely new to me! I used to take protonix for acid reflux, got lazy with taking it, so I quit. maybe I should talk to my doc and get back on it.

My ADD is more of non hyper (as child was a different story), sluggish, social anxiety, easily distracted, inability to focus, and problems with reading and comprehension. So the Adderall helps give the boost of motivation/energy/confidence. I usually do try to go the gym 3 days weeks but with school the last year I have 0 time to go.

The only reason I’m scared to go to a higher dose is because the higher the dosage the more abnormalities on my EEG.

I have heard a lot about the magnesium as well. My only concern would be if it made me super tired.

thank so much everyone for your help!!
keep the advice coming!