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Hi everyone! I’ve been prescribed adderall IR 30mg for about 15 years now. I also had similar problems with almost all the generics; however in my special case, the brand name works the best for me. I’ve had my Drs “up” my script (I’m on the max does allowed) while trying to make the generics “lack of effects”. My Dr chose to put me back in the name brand only since we know it works and can cut my does down drastically. He wrote me out my script for “name-brand only”. I live in Southeast Tx and I have not been able to find a pharmacy that has the name brand adderall in stock! Is there anyone who gets the brand name IR dose on here? And may I please ask what pharmacy you were able to find them at? I’m desperately in need and over due to fill my script and it has already started to take a negative impact on my career, parenting and education. Please, anyone with info that could help is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!