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I’m in my 30’s as well! I was diagnosed finally back in September and it has been life changing. When I saw the Dr who performed my evaluation he explained to me briefly at the end that he thinks it may be more anxiety and depression. The thing is I have been treated off and on for depression and anxiety all my life and I knew at this point it wasn’t what was holding me back. I needed the chance to be believed. During my evaluation the way I answered the questions leaned towards ADD/ADHD the combined type and from talking about past life experiences. But during the math section I did really well, even above average for some. I explained to the Dr that we were sitting in an extremely quiet room that has no distractions, that I was excited at the prospect of finally getting diagnosed so I could take care of it and that I love math/numbers. I said so yes right now in this moment I performed well. I said I just want the chance to see if this is it and if it’s not I’ll go back to working on depression and anxiety. He said he needed time to review all the information he had compiled. When I got my results they stated the ADD/ADHD combined type diagnosis and suggestions moving forward. But it does state in there that if the ADD/ADHD medication didn’t work to seek care for anxiety and depression. Since taking ADD/ADHD medication I have not had any bouts of depression. I have had moments of sadness, but not depression. I realize that’s only 5 months, but normally in the span of 5 months I would have had bouts of depression at least a few times. I still have anxiety but as my life improves, my anxiety drops. I told you my story becuase I firmly believe in standing your ground, especially at our age. Life/time are of the essence.

What I would do in your situation:
Write down every point you want to make with the Dr.
Keep each one brief and to the point.
Call the Dr up and request either a face to face or over the phone conversation. The reason being you have a few concerns regarding your evaluation.
If you don’t think your struggles are anxiety based remember to make brief points as to why.
What you ask and explain doesn’t have to be perfectly said, it just has to be expressed giving you a peace of mind that you covered everything you wanted to cover.

Once you get your results from this Dr just remember you are the only one who completely understands your struggles in life. If the results don’t reflect what you feel is right. Seek a second opinion.