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Hi. I am reading all this with tears in my eyes. My guy of 5 years. 50ish yo
Takes adderal 30xr. A few months ago his pharmacy changed his generic. It seems it releases too quickly he will get nauseated clammy headaches. I found out yesterday he hasn’t taken it in 2 months at all. He almost fell asleep driving. He has sleep apnea and was probably a slight form narcolepsy he is prescribed it for so he can work and function
He basically went to bed Friday and spent all day in bed over this. He’s depressed and angry
He wanted me a few months back to go from pharmacy to pharmacy with the pix of the one that works to see who carries it
I did not feel comfy doing that
I am a RN who works in local community
I am working for a company that is contracted out by the state. I know that without a prescription in my name no pharmacy is going to speak to me. It’s drug seeking type of behavior to do that. It could mar my reputation
Screw up my job . He isn’t getting that

I am desperate to help him but I can’t in the way he wants. I have spent hours researching
Trying to find out who might make the generic that works for him soi can perhaps contact them to see who they distribute to

His insurance won’t cover name brand and I have told him they have to if dr says they need to with a letter. Either he didn’t ask or dr acted like he couldn’t do that. I forget

He needs the 30xr that comes in capsules with the little beads / balls inside
His pharmacy switched to powder inside
I googled and found it made by TEVA. But when I went to TEVA site I only see the powdered filled
Can anyone help or direct me to where I can get help
I am very worried re this depression he seems to have sunk into.
Thank you