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When you receive a non brand name drugs, there is only one major difference. Companies that put their names on the product and swear by them have purified the medication, taking out all of the enantiomers. An enantiomer is a chemical with the same composition but a different molecular structure. Sometimes these drugs can give you side effects if they do not purify for the specific type of molecular structure that is desired. One Chinese company had created a generic form of ADHD medication and put it on the market. A few weeks later ten children under five years old died from heart attacks. I’m not saying taking generic drugs will kill you, I’m just merely stating that if you have the option to receive a brand name Adderall, even if it is a higher cost, it is most likely healthier for your body and will cause minimal side effect. Companies with grand name medications stand by their product and back it by their reputable name when they know that it is the perfect form and only consists of molecules with the EXACT structure they are looking to create. If you wish to learn more about enantiomers, khan academy is a great place to learn anything, and if you read also about stereochemistry you would be exposed to a plethora of knowledge relating to molecules with the same composition but in a different orientation. Thanks for reading and be safe out there.

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