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Me again.

The following is a bit of a vent of my frustration.

Trying the longer acting med. I was given 20mg of generic Adderall XR and it’s not that great. I am waiting on a call from a local psychiatry office because I’m super frustrated. If I take it daily the anxiety will increase each day, lasting longer each day. So I took a break from it and took it again today. My “on task and focus” time was about 5.5 hours but I was anxious the entire day and still am now, it’s dropped some, but still there.

When the med is onboard and I’m not anxious it’s terrific. I can do the things I want/need to do and I don’t slough off or avoid stuff as readily. But that’s so seldom the case that I’m getting frustrated now.

I faxed my intake paperwork to the psychiatry people on Jan 9, if February 12 rolls in and no word I’ll call them again. My own doctor is kind, and will try, Rxing usually what I ask for. the thing is, I can’t talk with her directly it’s all handled through a medical assistant. The one who knew me as an RN and a person outside the office has left and her replacement knows NOTHING about me. It’s intimidating and a little insulting to have to as an RN, talk to my doctor through a medical assistant. I also wonder why I have to. but that is not a discussion for here (Other than sympathy and support) Do other people have this issue with Dr offices? One would think, dealing with a C-II drug, that I would rate a call back, is it trust in my integrity or disregard for me as a pt. Enquiring minds would LOVE to know.

It is reassuring that other people deal with anxiety from this med. It helps me a great deal to remind me of this when I’m all anxious.

I looked at my bottle and Walmart didn’t print mfg on label. It wasn’t Aurobindo, that I do know. Sadly I threw away the novel it came with.