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Dr. Eric

From the school side of things, I hate these for any age for any number of reasons.

#1 – They are too subjective as evidenced by all of the comments above.

#2 – They are often not useful. I prefer charting positive progress and priorities. Telling me someone “struggled” or “had a bad day” is pretty useless to me. (Try seeing how well-communicated those words are understood from a new-age hippy teacher to a military family. They are not picturing the same things!) Telling me that we completed 3 out of 5 activities, that is actionable. The students can also participate in the tracking and it creates better ownership, self-awareness, metacognition, etc. We can set goals and rewards based off of these.

#3 – I have seen important “wheat” missed in all of “chafe”. I have reviewed some after the fact where I have seen some important “red flag” statements or issues that were missed because they were buried in daily novelas of petty and useless.

$4 – If there is a lot of negative and not a lot of positive, teachers and parents have better things that they can be doing with their time that are more helpful and less frustrating. Do that instead.