Reply To: 504 plan? – gifted with adhd and mild dyslexia?

Dr. Eric

“Your son has a dyslexia diagnosis – he should be on an IEP – not a 504. I 504 will not give the support and accommodations required for a dyslexia diagnosis.”

I don’t know if I necessarily agree with this.

The most common mistake that I see on these forums is that the disability does not drive eligibility, the level of impairment does.

For special education, you must have a qualifying disability AND cannot get a measurable educational benefit without special education (In IDEA, this is embedded in CFR 300.8. Here in CA, Education Code 56026). A meaningful and measurable educational benefit is called “FAPE” (Free and Appropriate Public Education). This is a high threshold to qualify.

Assuming there is no grade inflation (which happens, I rarely rely on letter grades), if grades are matching objective measures of mastery, he should not qualify. There is a lot of real estate between not meeting one’s potential and requiring specialized instruction or services in order to achieve a meaningful and measurable educational benefit – which is the threshold to qualify for an IEP.

The 504 only requires a disability and an impact or impairment.
Info straight from the feds…