Reply To: CBD

Dr. Eric

I have not seen anything convincing on CBD for ADHD symptoms. (Professionally or as a person with ADHD)
I am aware of a lot of folks using to help with sleep.

I also discussed this with my MD, and her experience matches my research with is that CBD alone is not necessarily effective.

However, CBD with trace THC seems to do a really good job, especially if the other options are prescription Ambien or other hypnotics.

Obviously, this becomes a big issue when minors are involved.

I always encourage folks to time common tasks and compare to see actual impact on productivity versus going by how things “feel”.

Personally, I take a dose of methylphenidate that does not make me “feel” much different.
However, I am 6 time more productive. One hour medicated equals 6 hours unmedicated in terms of work production.