Reply To: motivation


Motivation is going to come from Desire and Will Power….if you can get your desire strong enough, you can literally accomplish ANYTHING! I’ve tested and tried what I’m saying and have been on ADHD meds since I was Seven yrs old..been on and off the meds and completely off them for 5 years and then back on them…and Im telling you regarding ADHD and motivation, GET YOUR DESIRE FIGURED OUT AND SO INTENSE AND YOUR WILL POWER WILL COME NATURALLY..The meds will help so long as you haven’t grown a high tolerance for them…also ur desire to create a blog isn’t strong enough(no offense) let me explain, it’s what it will do for you whether financial or fame or self accomplished…..if you want a better or stronger form of ADHD meds, get off the meds for 2 ,3,4 days and then take them…or start cbd oils…like I replied to the grad student….im doing both