Reply To: Generic Adderall


I honestly think that all of the generic adderall is crap. Was on 20mg, switched to 30mg to see if the generics were better, now back to 20mg again with no difference. TEVA which I used to love, CRAP. MYLAN which was crap actually started working really well for me I can’t get now. Thought I was dying on 30mg MALLINCKR (PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS BRAND). So now I’m at a loss. I have yet to find one that I can function on without SEVERVE headaches, heart palpitations, teeth grinding, SEVERVE aggravation and feeling like total shit. I joined this discussion shortly after Beth and rereading my posts and everyone else’s I see that there is no end in sight for the suffering. I can’t believe generics have gone downhill so fast. I LITERALLY feel like I have the flu with all of the ones of late. I wish I could give some insight to those who are newly diagnosed with ADD and have to take an Adderall generic but sadly I can’t. I have dealt with this uphill battle for 6 years now and it’s feels more hopeless to be able to understand than ever because of the lack of EFFECTIVE generic medication. Even if I could afford 600.00 a month for brand name I could even get it because my pharmacy can’t get it. I literally would be better not taking anything at all and saving money because it already feels like I don’t. I can only pray it gets better soon. I will keep calling around different pharmacies checking on which generics they carry to see if I even want to keep filling my prescriptions. Good luck to everyone who is dealing with my same situation and I would greatly appreciate any insight on my situation.