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I’ve been on Adderall 20mg 2x day for 10+ years and this is how I understand it. The name brand was made by Shire Pharma and Teva made the generic. Teva merged with Barr and later bought the rights for Adderall from Shire Pharma (who no longer makes it). I noticed a couple years ago Teva-Barr became Teva and the Adderall inactive ingredients became identical to brand name Adderall (less crumbly and sweet to taste) but kept the oval shape. The insurance companies here in the Detroit area still consider it to be generic and cover them as such. If my information is wrong please correct me as I am confused on whether or not there is ‘name brand’ Adderall.
I too am experiencing different effects with generics. So far Teva and Sandoz seem to work best but it’s a crap shoot on which pharmacy will have them! Very frustrating!