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Sam k

Troubledmom3 – if you don’t have diagnosis I would suggest you write down all the things which are stopping you from getting on with your life, everything that makes daily functioning difficult. Then go to your doctor and ask to be referred to mental health team for assessment. Make sure you take your list so the psychologist/counsellor can identify the problem easily. If you just go in and talk to them you might not get everything across and most likely will end up with a misdiagnosis depending on which questions the psychiatrist/ assessors asks. It can be difficult to think of everything on the spot so be prepared. I have been in and out of the doctors office since I was a teen (I’m 40 now) i have had a diagnosis for anxiety and depression which by the way are both symptoms of ADHD.i have tried every anti depressant going, they DO NOT work for ADHD! The problem in our brains is low level of dopamine and not serotonin. (See link above)
Please get help, here in the UK the waiting list is “very long” as my assessor told me, I am desperately hoping a stimulant drug might help me, could be 2 years or more before I can get this drug, GPS can’t prescribe stimulants as they are controlled drugs.
Also after making a list of symptoms, make another list of all the things which make your symptoms worse and a separate list of things which help manage them.

I have to say my brain has stopped me from being a complete person, I have burned so many bridges, missed opportunities and just haven’t reached my full potential, there’s no joy , I’m an angry bitter mess, I feel despair on a daily basis and the worst thing is it’s genetic on my fathers side. Is it in your family too?