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I’ve been taking adderall xr for years now. (Prescribed by my doctor/therapist). XR last a full 24 hrs in your system. Therefore I have the same exact problems you have. With the exception of occasional depression or anxiety during the comedown. One way I’ve coped with the sleeping problem is marijuana. If you dont have access to marijuana or CBD, I suggest exercise. This will dramatically increase how fast it goes through your system, also making you tired. If these dont work maybe try a sleeping aid. I’ve had to try everything. Some days are different. You may have to explain your situation with your physician, they may give you a muscle relaxer or better sleeping aid. I apologize if this wasnt very helpful. After taking Adderall for years I’ve noticed other than medication or exercise there isn’t much else. If none of these help maybe stop taking them, you dont want to develop insomnia.