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I want to Thank each and every one of you who replied, gave suggestions, or told your own stories! Thank you! I have kept up & read replies but frankly did not realize so much time had passed. I feel horrible for not responding sooner, as life just happens. It’s tough being a single mom, working full time, trying to get back to school, and parenting our lovely children. Its tough to really Believe I am not alone but just being in this forum, helps a lot!

Nothing has really changed since my post, we are still in this vicious cycle. I am trying to read a lot of books, articles, etc. Right now I am gearing up for our annual IEP meeting in a couple months and I want to come prepared. I feel my son has slipped through the cracks and his teachers, principals, etc never really have understood my child or any of the children within the district with these diagnoses. I recently had parent-teacher conferences where a teacher told me that my son will get to high school and Flop! He said that he doesn’t care about anything, doesn’t take pride in his work, is lazy, behind in reading, writing, etc etc. I was a basket case. It was unbelievable to me but then I was also not surprised as we’ve dealt with this for years. Trust me, I do keep in contact with all 6 teachers, etc but it doesn’t help. My son FINALLY has ONE teacher that just gets him, gets the WHOLE thing and is willing to help and also advocate for him. This is a small leap forward but there is a lot more to do.

Thanks again, I appreciate the support and thankful for this outlet