Reply To: Poor boy


Shortly after my wife passed, o was given celexa for depression n anxiety. It was very helpful in getting through my day.
With no insurance, the cost of a diagnosis from a therapist n expensive meds r out of my reach for now.
Anxiety seems to peak in the winter for me, so I could use some relief right now. So the celexa plan is a cheap quick start that is achievable for me.
House is dirty, dishes dirty, unfinished projects ect. I think it’s my best choice for at least getting things under control for now.

After watching ADD&loving it, I felt great. I finally figured out what has been wrong all my life. I thought….all I need now is a diagnosis n the right meds. Well a replacement for my 17 year old truck and the 23 year old roof has been on the list awhile now and they must come first.

I do thank you for the info you gave me. I think it will be helpful.