Reply To: CBD


I can only attest to the brand we use which is Mantra Theory CBD. Here’s some Info:

MantraTheory oils start with minimal, all plant ingredients and no “filler” ingredients that dilute the benefits. We send our oil for 3rd party lab testing to state of the art facilities that check for purity and potency. Our oil is a solvent free pure extract that is C02 processed and made from industrial hemp plants grown on the finest U.S. farms. This cannabidiol (CBD), is a constituent naturally occurring in the Hemp plant are just one of over 85 cannabinoids identified in cannabis plants. Our oil is created through an extraction process which creates solvent free and pure extracts. We do everything we can to bring the very best products to market while maintaining superior quality.

Only after my testing it out myself and even questioning the owners did I realize all it can do and how it could help me and my son.