Reply To: Unsure and lost


I’ve been scoring in the >95% range with these, i’ve done plenty of research to understand what attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder is at its core carefully before coming to any conclusions, definitely not a one night google self diagnosis. I’m just very lost because i come from a family that does not believe in mental illness or believes it to be something to be hidden from society or be ashamed of. Plus as far as i’ve researched only diagnosis centre i can find is in the capital, or any professional specializing in noticing ADHD. Which is quite a hassle considering I’d need parent consent for it. I’m not sure where to start
would it be a good idea to go to my schools psychologist/councelor first? Best case scenario if they believe me they could convince my parents to let me check just in case. Though what might happen is i might get ignored or told it’s nothing. What should i do in that situation? i don’t think i’ll survive university if that’s the only place i’ll be able to seek help