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Spaceboy 99

Hey there 🙂

About 80% of kids with Central auditory processing disorder have adhd as well. I don’t know how the stats go the other way round, but I do know that CAPD isn’t a death sentence. I know, because I have it too! I only got diagnosed adhd last week (I’m 27), and I’ve managed this far as I am 🙂

The way I see it, your son is very lucky to be getting all the help he needs now, when he will benefit from it the most 🙂

CAPD tends to manifest itself the same way normal adhd inattentiveness does, just MORE, and only with auditory signals. It’s kind of like dyslexia, but for your ears. Your brain struggles to distinguish between different audio signals, and they can just blend into one. I often have bouts where I hear people speaking, but the sounds don’t automatically translate into words.

There are about seven different key symptoms, but I can only remember four, because they’re the ones that apply to me:
Difficulty remembering verbal lists
Appearing to not listen when spoken to directly
Frequently mistaking words for other words (terraces become terrorists, Baltimore becomes voldemort)
Delayed speech onset relative to children of the same age

It’s kind of bad that it’s so comorbid with adhd, because in addition to not being able to focus on what people are saying, and not always being able to understand what they’re saying, you also forget what they said to you 😛

To the best of my knowledge, adhd meds aren’t actually effective against CAPD. They can help if adhd feeds into it, but they help with the adhd part, not the CAPD part. CAPD kids tend to get sent to speech therapists, and they learn techniques for listening and concentrating. I never did, and I’m fine, but it likely occurs on a spectrum, same as adhd. Best thing I can suggest is to talk to the specialist.

But don’t be afraid. I’ve lived my whole life with it, and I’m actually pretty successful. As as your child has understanding people around him, he’s golden. It can just be frustrating when people don’t understand that I’m not doing it on purpose. I LISTEN, I just don’t HEAR.

Also, what previous commenter said. ADHD is often comorbid with about a dozen different conditions. It’s just the way of it.