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I’m so sorry to hear you and your child have had to go through this. My daughter is almost 23 and was diagnosed with adhd as a child so we have gone through a lot to get her where she is today. Fortunately, our school district was willing to work with us. That’s not to say that the school was proactive. You have to be your child’s best advocate. I was in daily contact with her teachers and the principle from 1st grade on. By fourth grade is when things really got bad. So her teacher moved her to the front of the class right in front of the teachers desk. This way she was still a part of the class but the teacher could keep a closer eye on her and assist her with her school work if needed. ADHD kids have a hard enough time, they don’t need to be made to feel bad or not part of the group. Keep in close contact with the school and get a 504 or iep plan. It’s not fail proof but it definitely helps to have one. Get everything you want in the classroom for your son in writing and hold the school to it. My daughters 504 followed her to college, even though she no longer needed it. Every year the school would contact me to ask if I still wanted to keep her 504 in place and I told them “Yes”. It’s a long slow road getting them through school and some days it’s not easy. But don’t give up! My daughter was doing well by 8th grade and shooting for all A’s, which she achieved. She graduated with honors from college last year and is working full time as a GIS analyst and going to grad school part time. I hope this information is helpful. I wish you and your son the best.