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As a teacher, adult with ADHD, and mother with a child with ADHD, I honestly must say I have done this and to this day still do it. I have had all kinds of ADHD come through my classroom since I started teaching. When placing students away from others I consider the following:
Are they hurting others physically or emotionally?
Are they getting their work done?
Are they distracting others/Can others in the group learn?

I look for the LEAST RESTRICTIVE ENVIRONMENT. If they are not hurting others and everyone is able to do their work, but that student isn’t doing their work then I don’t move them. When they start to affect other students is when I make the move. But I don’t go straight to the corner/facing the wall. First, I move them to the group closest to mine and see if that helps. If that doesn’t work then I try putting them by themselves by in the middle of the room. If that doesn’t work then I try facing away from others. Mind you this is only during independent work. I always have the opportunity for them to come to their groups to work when it is that time. I also talk to the student to make sure that they know that it is not a punishment and that my only intention is to help them and others to get their work done.
The honest truth is that some kids NEED that in order to function in a classroom environment (which majority of the time is not ADHD friendly). I have had parents also complain about their child being excluded or punished, but after talking to me, they understand that it is only to help their child learn. It is very much like students that have to go to small group for testing. They are there because that is how their LEARN BEST. You wouldn’t keep your child from wearing glasses just because it makes them different, so why would you keep your child from learning because it is different than the other students?
I highly suggest talking to the teacher to get their input and reasoning. I tell all of my students’ parents to come to me if they have a concern so I can explain my reasoning and so I can get their input. If a parent tells me that they don’t want their student alone, then I move them back. Usually around progress report time the parents realize by their student’s grades that the move was in their student’s best interest and ask to move them back.
One of the other comments mentioned their child humping another student’s leg and that is a good point as well. I have one student this year that sits behind my desk because he hurts other students. My first priority is other students’ safety and I’m sorry if others don’t agree, but I will do what it takes to keep ALL students safe (as well as keep that student out of the office).