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Ticktackter, Hi! My daughter has been suspended so so many times in high school. She just came off OSS (10 day). Her IEP is ADHD and Conduct Disorder (ODD). The plan in her IEP is to give her more time during tests, have her do a few classes in the “Special special needs department” which she HATES. She forgets crap the minute you tell her, which is normal with her hyperactive mind. The teachers “forgive” the tardies and allow her to hand in work very, very late. BUT the program and her IEP doesn’t give her special modalities to learn to listen, work, etc. They are DONE with her and now she’s got a HUGE target on her back. The “hallway monitor” follows her and has security guards following her so that she can’t go to the bathroom w/o someone waiting for her, which drives her anxiety SKY HIGH and with her cortisol levels out the wazzooo… she’s set up for more failure. Can I have a copy of your IEP so that I can see what I can add? She’s got 6 months of Senior grade left and it’ll be a miracle or ?? to get her through. They dislike her intensely in the Special-Special Ed program. So she has to toe(tow?) the line every minute, which of course sends her running out of the little room she’s stuck in all day and into the bathroom or the gym. My girl needs help. I need help! Thank you, Mary