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Sir Tap

I got diagnosed with AD(H)D last year. I really appreciate all of your comments as I can identify with so much of what has been said.
Currently, I am also at a lower point and have decided to start my ADD medication again. It’s just too frustrating to mix up meetings, consistently come too late, forget things, and feel so low to follow a basic routine.
I recently decided to work part-time to not always feel like I’m lagging behind, and that has been wonderful (except that on off days I find it hard to deal with all that sudden free time with no one holding me accountable).
I don’t believe in medication as a magic bullet, and today I spent some time redefining my short, medium and long-term goals in order to get my motivation back and set up a realistic routine again.

Also, the other day I was listening to an ADHD podcast called taking control, and they mentioned how we have to accept that we’ll have ups & downs, and we’ll most likely mess up our routine every now and then, even though we try so hard.

Just some jumbled up extra thoughts 🙂 . Hang in there. We’ll get there eventually.