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My son is now in 10th grade. I has a very strong IEP! At second grade I was told by the school ADD . We waited until he was 10 ftto find out that he has ADD, Central Auditory Processing and Dyslexia. Every Year since 7th grade he has been suspended. At thgat point we took him off all medication. He has not been on any since. I have learned to pysh the music push the sports. He wants to please but gets so frutrated. It gets harder when they are older unless their grades are average or above the will be lumped with kids that maynot be appropriate. Do not give up. Keep a schedule. Find t t the triggers that set them off. Make sure you have the correct diagnoses. Stay on top of sexual and violent games from 4th ggrade on and you tube videos. This is a full time job and you can only do the best you can.

To the parent that has kid with oubursts. If you your child goes to public school start observing or go unannounced. My son had soeech issues as well at that age he was bullied by 2nd graders domething awful wr never knew it.