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This child was me 58 years ago, in 3rd grade. I wasn’t the bouncing off the walls type but I was a disruption. If I sat by the window, I stared out in a daydreaming daze, totally unengaged in class. I was then put as far from the window as possible. This didn’t work because I was sitting next to a boy who quickly became a friend and we talked. I was moved next to a new girl who seemed very quiet and shy. That is, until she met me. I, somehow brought out her personality.
I was then moved to the front of the class which didn’t work, so I was moved to face the front chalkboard, away from the others in the middle of the classroom. It was then that I got caught doing scientific experiments on the chalkboard eraser while the teacher tried to teach.
That night my parents got a call from the principal. My mother and I met with her the next morning. You see, I was far from stupid. I had an extremely high IQ. That coupled with the focus problems of ADHD made classroom learning a nightmare for me and subsequently the teacher.
They knew nothing of the “disorder” back then. Their answer was to put me up a grade and load me with enough work to challenge my brain. I guess it helped. I made it to here.
All I can speak in this case is from the child’s point of view. Though my teacher was at her wits’ end, I never felt shame from her until the eraser incident when she finally lost it. Though no one knew about the disorder let alone how to deal with it, they handled my case caringly and with the best insight they could. Because of this, I don’t feel “scarred” by the incident etc. it all depends on the school teachers and leadership. The parent has to be the advocate no matter what. Storming the castle and ripping new ones as you go will probably not get as positive an outcome as you desire, but presenting yourself as a determined and strong advocate for your child is never wrong and should get good results unless you are dealing with morons.