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Turquoise Dove

Quickly, I just want to share that I have treatment-resistant ADHD, panic disorder anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder. I felt hopeless just like you. I have suffered many years, tried all the traditional medications. I felt like I was on a medically induced merry-go-round everytime I tried a new one. I finally just gave up.Recently, however, due to my serious impulsivity, I did something that’s going to cost me most, if not all, of my savings. So, once again, I went looking for someone who might be able to help me, and this time I found a psychiatrist willing to think outside the box. I now take Vyvanse:a relatively new ADHD medication,baclofen:a muscle relaxer,, quetiapine:an antipsychotic and gabapentin:an anti-seizure medication. I don’t know why this combination works. I’m not psychotic and I don’t have seizures, but this cocktail works for me and is easy on my organs.The mmeds,other than the Vyvanse,are all non-addictive. I don’t abuse the Vyvanse, so that’s not that’s not a problem. I figured I didn’t need an addiction problem on top of everything else!What I’m suggesting is that finding a psychiatrist who is willing to look into your health issues and try nontraditional medications might be worth finding.