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As a mother of a child with ADHD and as a public school teacher, I am saddened that you found out about the placement of your child’s desk by attending a party. How shocking that must of been!
I would like to offer a little insight… teachers are people, too. Chances are pretty good that the teacher is untrained in supporting students with ADHD and/or unsupported by the administrator. Additionally, the teacher probably hasn’t responded to you to avoid confrontation. Though that’s not at all an excuse, it is a very human reason.
When you are able to speak with the teacher, you might want to ask some of these questions to understand how it happened to begin with…
When did the desk get moved?
What specific incidents lead to it? (Documentation?)
What other strategies were tried first?
Is this meant as a behavior modification strategy/punishment or academic support?
What research supports the effectiveness of this strategy?

Then a few questions to understand how your child’s day looks…
Is my child required to sit in that desk during the entire class time?
Do you allow opportunities during class time for movement, interactions with peers, etc? (I don’t mean recess here. I mean while in the classroom.)
What other learning spaces in the classroom can my child utilize?
What changes do you make throughout the school day to support my child in actively participating in lessons and meaningful academic conversations with peers?
How has my child’s learning improved since this desk placement?

Lastly, some questions to prompt the change you want to see…
What are you hoping this desk placement will accomplish?
Can the school work together to figure out other research-based strategies to accomplish these goals?

If your child does not already have a 504, bring to this meeting documentation of the ADHD diagnosis as well as the written letter requesting a 504.

All of these suggestions only apply if you are at a public school. If things don’t change quickly, consider engaging an education advocate. If you’re at a private school, LEAVE!!!